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Our passion lies in developing tailored solutions for the Salesforce ecosystem. With close to two decades of experience in this field, we have consistently delivered results by recognising gaps and ingeniously filling them with our innovative application solutions.

Our distinctive approach is centered around ensuring that our applications and solutions are meticulously tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. Each feature in our applications is built to address particular challenges that the Salesforce community actively seeks. We’re not just developers; we’re your dedicated partners, driven by a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling your needs within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Why Venizum?

After years of experience in marketing and content applications, we noticed a recurring demand for effective translation solutions inside the Salesforce ecosystem. This observation led to the creation of our application Verbis, a native translation application designed to seamlessly function across all Salesforce clouds.

Verbis is developed to act as an Translation Management Connector in regards to translation on all Salesforce clouds. Today all content & communication can be translated and localised directly in your desired Salesforce Cloud.

Verbis operates as your Translation Management Connector, allowing you to translate and localize content and communication within your preferred Salesforce Cloud environment. Because of our industry experience, we simplify the translation process, making content localization simple and efficient. Our user-friendly design ensures a smooth experience, saving you both time and resources.

The Salesforce product management team approached us to create Verbis since no other vendor had previously succeeded in building a one-stop-translation-shop across all Salesforce clouds. We provide a complete solution in which you may customize Venizum to your specific translation requirements.

It is built natively in Salesforce to address all clouds in order to achieve scalability for the Salesforce customer. Our philosophy is to have a single app that translates across Salesforce, and to train the same engine with machine learning. With this method, you can be certain of maintaining the same tone of voice and translation accuracy throughout the customer experience. Venizum differs from all other translation solutions in that we are specifically designed for Salesforce and can manage both asynchronous and synchronous communication.

Another difference is that we collaborate with Translation Management Systems. In use scenarios where customers already have a translation system in place, Venizum was created to function as a Translation Management Connector. Instead of attempting to connect from the outside into Salesforce, this gives Venizum an inside-out approach within Salesforce.

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Why us?

We always focus on making your marketing communication effective and optimized to achieve your goals.


The Venizum team has vast experience modernizing organizations and managing operations efficiently, as well as a strong commitment to automating manual tasks.


Ask any of our customers, and they will tell you that we are 200% committed to what we do. We believe that learning fast is way better than prestige.

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What Our Clients Say About Verbis​


What Our Clients Say About Verbis​

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