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Yes, we do support your TMS

You can also integrate your products and services via our flexible API


1. Selective translation from the Salesforce Translation Workbench

2. Integrate with 3rd part translation tools

3. Export/import Xliff 2.0 from all Salesforce clouds to translate

4. User translation functionality in custom objects

5. Consume Venizum translation and translation memory in your own app


1. Uniform translation process for all Salesforce clouds

2. Optimize your translation time and cost

3. Get control of your translation in the Salesforce environment

4. Increase customer experience in Salesforce cloud

5. Build your own translation approval flow

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Translation & Localization

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3 reasons to add Venizum for your translation process!

Number 1

Increase your translation options’ flexibility.

Take control of your translation process, especially your translation memory.
Number 2

Stop doing administration for the translation process.

Allow verbs to handle it, and spend your time on more valuable things.
Number 3

Prepare dashboards and have a better understanding of your translation process.

Real-time dashboard that shows you where your content is in the process.
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