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Make your Service Agents speak any customer language instantly over email, without hiring any additional language specialist.

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1. Support seamless translation of case with diverse origins from emails, web forms and APIs

2. Support translation of email attachments and

3. Support case translation for multi-agents in different languages

4. High quality of translation by leveraging your company’s glossary across all clouds


1. Increase agent efficiency by shortening the first response time and reducing the average handling time

2. Increase customer satisfaction and NPS

3. Tremendous cost savings compared to hiring native speakers

4. Simple and intuitive to use, install, and get started in 24 hours

5. Maintain your existing way of working with Venizum’s Salesforce Native APP.

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Translation & Localization

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3 reasons to add Verbis for your translation process!

Number 1

Have more flexibility with your translation options.

Own your translation process and especially your own dictionary memory.
Number 2

Stop doing administration regards to the translation process

Let verbs handle that, and invest your time on more value-added tasks.
Number 3

Have prepared dashboards and a better overview of your translation process

Real-time dashboard that lets you know where in the process your content is.
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