Elevating Customer Support: The Case for Tailored Multilingual Engagement

Elevating Multilingual Customer Support

In today’s global marketplace, exceptional customer service is the cornerstone for retaining customers and deepening relationships. The ability to communicate in a customer’s native language is not just preferred—it’s expected, with three-quarters of consumers more likely to repurchase if post-sale support speaks their language (CSA Research).

This underlines the necessity for comprehensive multilingual support strategies. While Google Translate offers a quick, free solution for instant translations, its one-size-fits-all approach falls short of addressing the nuanced needs of a diverse customer base. Here’s why relying solely on free translation engines might not be your best bet:

Navigating Customer Support Challenges: Understanding the Risks of Over Reliance on Free Translation Engines

The free versions of many translation engines have seen significant improvements, especially with the adoption of neural machine translation models, enhancing sentence-level translations since their inception. Despite these advancements, the accuracy declines when handling complex customer interactions filled with errors, slang, and company-specific terminologies. This can lead to misinterpretations and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

In the realm of machine translation engines, performance varies widely, especially across non-European languages and intricate expressions. This inconsistency poses a challenge for global businesses aiming to communicate effectively with diverse customer bases. Furthermore, common limitations such as character caps and lack of retranslation features in many tools can hinder comprehensive and accurate customer service interactions. It’s crucial to select a translation tool that is platform-agnostic to avoid dependency on a single provider’s limitations.

Introducing Verbis: A Superior Solution for Multilingual Customer Engagement

Our application, Verbis, is crafted to address these concerns by allowing seamless transitions between different translation engines without affecting your ongoing workflows. This ensures not only linguistic accuracy and operational efficiency but also enhances data security, making Verbis an optimal solution for maintaining global business communications without compromise.For businesses seeking reliable, accurate, and secure multilingual support, Verbis offers an advanced alternative. Verbis employs a dynamic selection of NMT models tailored to the specific language and context, ensuring higher accuracy even for complex terminologies and expressions.

Customized Glossaries for Precision: Verbis excels in handling company-specific terminologies, thanks to customizable glossaries that ensure consistent and accurate translation of key terms.

The Verbis Advantage: By intelligently selecting the best translation for your company and enabling customized term glossaries, Verbis not only improves translation accuracy but also ensures that your multilingual customer support is both secure and tailored to your business needs.

For businesses committed to providing exceptional, personalized customer experiences across all languages, Verbis stands out as the optimal choice. Embrace Verbis’s proprietary technology to elevate your multilingual customer support and set your brand apart in the global marketplace. Interested in learning more about how Verbis can transform your customer engagement? Contact us today.

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