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Empower your Experience Cloud & Digital Experience with a layer of localization intelligence.

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1. Localize images

2. Localize Videos

3. Translate your entire site in experience cloud builder

4. Translation memory with your companies terminology


1. Allow Verbis do the heavy work and your translator the light control work

2. Optimize your translation cost

3. Enable your translator to work in your Salesforce Environment or in their TMS

4. Automate the translations process (reminders, tasks, assignments)

5. Build your own approval flow

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Translation & Localization

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3 reasons to add Verbis for your translation process!

Number 1

Don’t depend on your translation company

Own your translation process and especially your own dictionary memory.
Number 2

Stop doing administration regards to the translation process

Let verbs handle that, and invest your time on more value-added tasks.
Number 3

Have prepared dashboards and a better overview of your translation process

Real-time dashboard that lets you know where in the process your content is.
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