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Everyonoe who is working with translation using Verbis as the tool, they need a salesforce license then Verbis license assigned accordingly.

Venizum is the name of the company and Verbis is the name of the native salesforce application.

Venizum has access to all the machine translations out there. You can simply choose which Machine translation engine you desire to use. Although not in a trial, in an free trial you will be usings the choosen machine translation we have added per dafault.

Venizum is the first Translation Management Connector. Connecting your business system to your translation management system. Today Venizum has already a partnership with the biggest TMS in the market, which enables a already ready-use-connector. Simply choose which Salesforce cloud you want to connect to and your TMS connector, and let the power of automation works it magic.

Venizum is a Software as a service company, and therefore Venizum will charge you based on the connectors you will have. The translation market usually charges per word or per translation characters, Venizum keeps it simple, choose your connector and run as many translations as you want. You do not need to know about your translation volumes to get started with Venizum.

Venizum supports above 200+ languages. We have never been in a use case where we do not support that specific language. Given the variety of Translation Engies you can use, we cover about 90% of the worlds languages.

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