Fike Loves Venizum

Fike New New Venizum Customer

Let us proudly present Verbis’ latest client, a trusted global expert in rupture disc technologies, explosion protection, fire alarm systems, and fire suppression solutions called Fike Corporations.

Fike uses our application Verbis to streamline, manage and validate the translation & localization of various marketing communications via Salesforce.

Founded in 1945, Fike Corporation protects people and property around the world from explosion, pressure, and fire-related hazards with life safety equipment and service. Fike is a comprehensive solutions provider with capabilities that include research and testing, proprietary safety technologies, and customer-centric consultancy, installation and maintenance services. At Fike, everything we do, we do “because so much is at stake.”

Verbis is a layer of translation intelligence that applies to all Salesforce Clouds. Clear readouts mean your teams can have real-time translation with your customers or collaborate with all your content creators and translators INSIDE salesforce to enable multilingual content and communication at scale.

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