Salesforce Licensing Options with Venizum – A Closer Look at ISV vs. OEM


At Venizum, we offer two primary licensing options tailored to meet the varied needs of businesses: ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Understanding the nuances between these options will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business strategy and security requirements. Below, we provide a detailed comparison, focusing on key differences and the unique benefits of each license.

Executive summary:

  • ISV Licenses typically allow third-party applications to be integrated into an existing Salesforce environment. This means that the application can leverage the same security model and data governance policies already in place for that specific Salesforce organization. It’s a more integrated approach where the third-party application becomes part of the broader Salesforce ecosystem, allowing for shared data and processes under the organization’s existing security framework.

  • OEM Licenses, on the other hand, are often used when the third-party application is intended to stand alone, not requiring an existing Salesforce org from the customer. In this case, the application has its own Salesforce environment, and the security model is focused on the application itself. While still adhering to Salesforce’s high-security standards, the OEM model simplifies the experience by concentrating on the specific application rather than integrating it into a broader Salesforce ORG.

ISV License: Integration Within Your Salesforce Ecosystem

The ISV license is designed for businesses with an existing Salesforce environment/ORG looking to expand their functionalities with Venizum’s application. This option allows for deep integration of our app into your Salesforce ORG as a managed package, complementing your current processes and workflows.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Installation: Easily add Venizum’s app as a managed package to your current Salesforce setup/ORG, enhancing your toolkit without disrupting existing operations. 

  • Data Security: Your data remains within your own Salesforce ORG’s security parameters, ensuring consistent protection levels across all your applications.

  • Customization and Flexibility: Retain the ability to customize and configure your Salesforce environment alongside Venizum’s app, tailoring the solution to your unique business needs. 

OEM License: Customized Salesforce Experience

The OEM license suits businesses seeking a Salesforce solution centered around Venizum’s application without the need for an existing Salesforce ORG. Venizum provisions a Salesforce environment exclusively for our app, offering a focused and streamlined experience.

Key Features:

  •  Dedicated Environment: Access a Salesforce ORG created specifically for Venizum’s app, ensuring an optimized setup for our functionalities.

  •  Focused Data Security: The OEM model provides a secure, app-centric Salesforce environment. Data security is managed within this dedicated ORG, aligning with Salesforce’s robust security standards but tailored to the specifics of Venizum’s application.

  • Simplified Management: Ideal for businesses without a Salesforce footprint or those preferring a standalone solution, minimizing the complexity of managing a full-scale Salesforce implementation.

Deciding Between ISV and OEM

When choosing between an ISV and OEM license, consider the following aspects:

  •  Existing Salesforce Use: ISV is preferable for leveraging existing Salesforce investments; OEM is ideal for new users or specific functional needs without broader Salesforce integration.

  •  Data Security Needs: Both licenses adhere to Salesforce’s high-security standards, but your control over data and customization differs. ISV allows for integrated data management within your existing security framework, while OEM offers a simplified, app-focused security model.

  • Operational Flexibility: ISV offers more flexibility for businesses looking to integrate Venizum with other Salesforce applications and workflows. OEM provides a streamlined, focused approach, ideal for those prioritizing simplicity and ease of use with a specific set of functionalities.

At Venizum, we’re dedicated to ensuring you choose the licensing option that best fits your operational needs and security considerations. Whether enhancing your existing Salesforce ecosystem or adopting a tailored, app-centric Salesforce experience, we’re here to support your journey toward scaling your translation process.

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