Dear Iranian friend,

We stand behind you and support your fight for freedom …

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In recent months, Iranian people have been speaking out against the oppressive regime they live under. These brave women and men are risking their lives to fight for freedom. The regime of Iran has shut down the internet to prevent information to and from Iran to keep spreading. At the same time, we have seen demonstrations and mass support from the vast majority of the world. But the question is; Does your Iranian fellow citizen know you are standing behind them?

Venizum has the right tools to contribute to the information flow. Now you can write a letter to your fellow Iranian citizen, expressing your love and support for their fight for freedom. Write them a letter in ANY language that you want, and Venizums will make sure to translate your letter to Farsi and distribute it around the Iranian citizens.

Letter to iran

Dear Iranian,
A concerned citizen

You can choose if you want to be anonymous or if you want to disclose your identity. If you choose to share your email, you will receive a letter in your language to share on your social media.


Please understand that Venizum can not take any responsibility for whom the end reader will be if you disclose your identity. We will ensure that It is distributed in Iran, but given the complex situation, you will never know exactly who your end reader will be.

These letters will be physically distributed in Iran in traditional mailboxes. Venizum is working with non-profit organizations to distribute these letters. Still, given the complex situation and the risk of stopping this initiative, we can not disclose how or which organization will distribute this inside Iran. 

As entrepreneurs with roots in the Persian community, we feel responsible for supporting freedom fighters with what we can. People are getting killed daily, and the information flow is very narrow. Venizum has a translation tool and also network of non-profit organizations in Iran.

We want the Iranian people to understand that they are not alone. The world stands behind them.

Your letter will be translated from your language to Farsi and then proofread by one of our translators to ensure that the translation is accurate. After that, your letter will be distributed to one of the non-profit organizations.

Yes, suppose you have filled in your email and are not anonymous. In that case, we will email you a copy of your letter so that you can share it on social media to encourage more inside your network to write a letter to their fellow Iranian citizen

Yes, this effort is to spread love, motivation, and support. Any letter that includes hate, racism, or spam will not be translated and directed to Iranian people.

Email us at [email protected] and describe how you could assist with this initiative.

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