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Make your Service Agents speak any customer language instantly over email, without hiring any additional language specialist.

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Speak Every Customer's Language Without Extra Staff!

Solve multilingual tickets and speedily deliver support to your customers in their native language. Venizums Case Management connector, living inside your Salesforce service console, powers customer service agents to assist your customers in over 150 languages.

Customers want the support they receive from brands to be provided in their native language, but staffing a multilingual support team is challenging and requires a hefty budget. That’s why global enterprises implement Venizums case management connector which gives monolingual support agents the ability to communicate with customers in any language.


1. Support seamless translation of cases with origins from emails, web forms or In-apps

2. Translate any attachment that your customers send to your agents

3. Translate to your agents salesforce user language and your Salesforce ORG language

4. High quality of translation by leveraging your company’s glossary across all clouds


1. Increase agent efficiency by shortening the first response time and reducing the average handling time

2. Increase customer satisfaction and NPS

3. Tremendous cost savings compared to hiring native speakers

4. Simple and intuitive to use, install, and get started in 24 hours

5. Maintain your existing way of working with Venizum’s Salesforce Native APP.

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Translation & Localization

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3 reasons to add Venizum for your translation process!

Number 1

Increase your translation options’ flexibility.

Take control of your translation process, especially your translation memory.
Number 2

Stop doing administration for the translation process.

Allow verbs to handle it, and spend your time on more valuable things.
Number 3

Prepare dashboards and have a better understanding of your translation process.

Real-time dashboard that shows you where your content is in the process.
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