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Embark on a Global Journey with Salesforce Experience Cloud, embracing a world where every digital interaction is an intimately personalized dialogue. Realize the essence of thorough digitalization through inclusion, allowing the language to bridge the space between technology and your global audience. Ask yourself – is it truly a personalized experience if the language serves as a barrier rather than a pathway?

Whether your Salesforce Experience Cloud manifests as a microsite, community site, partner portal, or a public website; whether it sails through the domains of B2B or B2C, commerce or non-commerce, Venizum simplifies the complexity of managing asynchronous content. This freedom transforms your site, enabling you to sculpt the linguistic landscape of your experience site. Be it through integration with your Translation Management System or utilizing the straightforward Venizum interface, your expressions are echoed across the world, translated, and customized, embodying your intentions in every word.


1. Support Classic and Enhanced mode

2. Translate your entire site into an experienced cloud builder or commerce builder

3. Translate your entire workspace into a digital experience

4. High quality of translation by leveraging your company’s exception database 

5. Localize images, videos, and hyperlinks or any other assets


1. Allow Venizum do the heavy work and your translator to do the light control work

2. Optimize your translation cost

3. Enable your translator to work in your Salesforce Environment or in their TMS

4. Automate the translation process (reminders, tasks, and assignments)

5. Build your own approval flow

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3 reasons to add Venizum for your translation process!

Number 1

Increase your translation options’ flexibility.

Take control of your translation process, especially your translation memory.
Number 2

Stop doing administration for the translation process.

Allow verbs to handle it, and spend your time on more valuable things.
Number 3

Prepare dashboards and have a better understanding of your translation process.

Real-time dashboard that shows you where your content is in the process.
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