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Elevate your customer Service Agents and empower them to communicate in real time with any customer in their native language from anywhere in the world.

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Deliver the best customer service, in any language

Empower your customer engagements with Venizum, honored as Salesforce’s Emerging Technology of the Year. Recognized for uplifting Customer Satisfaction scores, Venizum unlocks the potential of real-time AI-translation, enabling communication in 150 languages with 1 hour implementation. Native built on on the Salesforce platform, Venizum ensures rapid deployment and supreme data security by retaining all customer information exclusively within the existing Salesforce server. Plug-and-play application. Start your free-trial right away.


1. Meet the regulations and compliance requirements and leverage diversity

2. Improve the KPIs and metrics by providing fast and attentive customer service.

3. Simple and intuitive to use, install and get started in 1 hour

4. Makes it easier and more profitable to do business in diverse markets

5. Maintain your current page layout and simply activate translation in your current chat window


1. Real time action features such as transfer to another agent, request files quick chats and more

2. Handels up to three languages at once (Organisation language, agent language & client language

3. Change language anytime during the conversation

4. Built in flagging system

5. Seamless integration as a native Salesforce application

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Translation & Localization

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3 reasons to add Venizum for your translation process!

Number 1

Increase your translation options’ flexibility.

Take control of your translation process, especially your translation memory.
Number 2

Stop doing administration for the translation process.

Allow verbs to handle it, and spend your time on more valuable things.
Number 3

Prepare dashboards and have a better understanding of your translation process.

Real-time dashboard that shows you where your content is in the process.
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