Venizum Recognized in Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards


Stockholm, September 15, 2022 – Venizum, the company that develops Salesforce’s new translation tools, has been named the winner of the 2022 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Emerging Technology category. Their tool Verbis Powered by Venizum enables Salesforce customers to automatically translate all data and information into local languages. The solution works in all cloud solutions and environments.

Since the turn of the year, the start-up company has had time to take market shares and establish itself with several customers and brands, such as AirFrance/KLM, Wish, and Zound Industries (Salesforce Partners). With the help of smart and efficient technology, Venizum breaks both language barriers, improves relationships, and reduces costs. For companies to succeed globally, they must communicate effectively and qualitatively with all their customers. In other words, Venizum has filled a gap that has long been an obstacle when it comes to smooth, high-quality translation.

We were given the challenge to solve Salesforce’s problems with translation and worked day and night to find the most efficient and qualitative system possible. We succeeded in that and since the launch eight months ago have brought in some of the world’s biggest brands as customers. The fact that Salesforce sees us as an enabler for growth is huge fun. It gives us energy and desire to conquer the world, says Maziar Nodehi, co-founder and CRO at Venizum.

Our winners, such as Venizum, help customers grow faster and reach further in the new digital economy. Salesforce partners are an important part of enabling digital transformation and driving customer success, said Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Alliances & Channels, at Salesforce.

Partner Innovation Award and Venizum

Venizum is part of the growing Salesforce economy, which, according to a study by IDC, is projected to create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenue by 2026.  The study shows that Salesforce drives huge profits for its partner ecosystem, which will receive $6.19 in profits for every dollar Salesforce makes through 2026. Salesforce has also noted that more than 90 percent of its customers use partner apps and experts.

The 10th annual Partner Innovation Awards recognize the significant contributions Salesforce partners have made across cloud solutions, industries, and the broader partner program – including consultancies, digital agencies, resellers, and ISV partners. A full list of this year’s Partner Innovation Award winners is available here.

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About Venizum

Venizum consists of entrepreneurs who have a particular passion for developing solutions for the Salesforce ecosystem. The company’s founder has over 14 years of experience in the  Salesforce ecosystem, leading to a successful history where gaps are identified and filled with application solutions. The need for translation soon became apparent and resulted in Verbis (2022), a native translation application that works in all Salesforce clouds.  Swedish Venizum was founded in 2020 and has offices in Stockholm, Marbella, and Bangalore.

For more information, please contact:

Maziar Nodehi
Medgrundare & CRO, Venizum
070 93 24 891

Sandra Norberg
Presskontakt, Hipe Agency
070 45 80 858

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